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Ch Ch Ch Changes…

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After about five long years on Etsy I have decided to make the leap to a .com and I couldn’t be more excited about this decision. I have loved Etsy but I’ve outgrown it now and it’s time to part ways. It has become more and more difficult to wade through and find things that are truly handmade and the fees have been over the top for a small business.

In the next week you will be able to view all of Knitsomniac Designs’ colorways and order right here! I will still be doing some dyed to order skeins by request but most skeins will be dyed and listed and ‘ready to ship’ instead. I am really looking forward to this switch as I’ve been spending more and more time with my dye pots and less time available to design patterns and knit. Because what’s great yarn if you never get to knit with it, right?

Stay tuned for all the new Valentine’s Day colorways coming soon!!



One thought on “Ch Ch Ch Changes…

  1. Hurray! Congratulations Jennifer, I think that it’s a great move for you. Can’t wait to see the ready for shipment yarns!

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